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Dec 25, 2019

Happy holidays!

This episode contains a few thoughts on how to make your podcast (and connection with listeners) better in the upcoming year and decade.

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Dec 24, 2019

Back in the air chair... I had planned to take a few days off after the 30 episodes from last month, but here we are, three weeks later.

Strangely enough, I've had a few people reach out to me over the last couple of weeks to ask about "how to come back" from a podcast that's on hiatus. That's the focus of this...

Dec 1, 2019

The 30-Day Solo Podcast Challenge is done, but you are not done – your podcasting challenge is just beginning.

This series was designed to give you a jumpstart into the world of solo podcasting. What happens next is up to you...

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Nov 30, 2019

Your podcast, especially if it's solo, is a billboard – it lets people know everything they need to know about you (or at least what you want them to know about you).

So what do you want to be known? That's what this episode of the 30-Day Solo Podcast Challenge is about.

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Nov 29, 2019

One of the most common questions people ask me about solo podcasting is, "Where do you get ideas for episodes?"

In this episode of the 30-Day Solo Podcast Challenge, I talk about this and give you a very specific exercise to make sure you never run out of podcast episode ideas.

To make sure you don't miss any of these...