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Jun 7, 2018

NOTE: This is Day 7 of Podcast Interviewing School, a 28-day series from Build A Big Podcast that focuses on the skill of being a better podcast interviewer.

For the next seven episode, I'm going to be talking about what you can do before an interview to make sure things go well when you get a guest in the studio, on the phone, and connected via Skype.

As you get more and more experience doing podcast interviews, you should be better at figuring out who will be a good guest before you interview him.

But sometimes we're wrong... Sometimes bad podcast guests sneak in.

It happens to all of us.

And sometimes, because we're so worried about being stuck with an interview we won't be able to use, we skip over great guests because they're unproven or unknown.

More thoughts on the subject on this episode of Podcast Interviewing School... 

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