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Mar 12, 2021

Go on any forum for podcasters and you'll likely see people arguing about the best microphone and best headphones.
The best microphone is the one you have. And if you don't have one, assuming you have some experience hosting and can say something worth listening to, get this one.
The best headphones? When I'm doing remote interviews, I like cheap earbuds. Do they sound great? Not really. But I've found them much better that closed-back, fancy headphones since earbuds allow me to better monitor my own speech and, because of this, sound more natural on the mic.
And when I'm not doing a remote interview and simply recording, either by myself or with somebody else in the room, I usually don't wear headphones at all.
Risky? Yes. But live a little, man. And if you're good enough to get this mic, you should be good enough to make "no headphones" work for you.
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