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Jan 11, 2019

The Shure SM58 microphone is the standard live performance mic and is "standard issue" for any music or comedy club.

About a year ago, I started hearing people talk about the ES-58 by GLS Audio, which is an SM58 replica. People loved it and the reviews were great.

I was skeptical. The Shure SM58 is a classic mic for a reason.

I purchased one out of curiosity to use for my portable rig. The first thing I did when it arrived was take it to an engineer friend, who checked it out and tested it.

In short, the reviews were correct and the engineer gave it a thumbs up. It's a great mic and a great addition to any portable podcasting setup. Like an SM58, the ES-58 is both solid and reliable.

You can hear it on this episode running through a Behringer compressor.

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