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Nov 10, 2021

Want more podcast ad revenue? Get more podcast listeners.
That makes sense. And it works if you charge per listener
The problem is that the relationship listeners have with you and your podcast is completely different from the relationship they have with something that isn't personality driven, such as Facebook, or Google, or Spotify.
This is why I reject CPM deals for advertising.
On this episode, I talk about a different want to look at advertising on your podcast and the value you provide to those who want to advertise with you. You can use this as a "pitch" to get more money from the people who approach you about advertising on your podcast.


  • Why "CPM deals" suck
  • The top-rated business author who screwed up advertising on his podcast (and later fixed it)
  • The problem with radio clusters
  • The minimum amount you should charge for a podcast ad, even if you only have 100 listeners per episode
  • What podcast advertisers are really paying for (and how to deliver it)
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