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Oct 7, 2021

For the last few years, I've been recording in a room full of foam and blankets. The results were good, but not great.
I wanted something better, so I just installed some new panels based on a DIY panel design by Marcus dePaula.
This episode is the first I recorded with the new setup. It's a conversation with Marcus about how you can sound your best with the space you have, regardless of whether you record in a spare bedroom, a closet, or a temporary location.


  • "Room within a room"
  • Recording with a monitor – what you need to know
  • Setting up a portable studio that sounds great
  • Recording in your house? This is the best place to do it...
  • Why books are a great thing to have in your studio
  • Packing blankets
  • Bedroom vs. Closet
  • What you need to know about ceiling panels (clouds)
  • Studio Comfort vs. Function
  • What is good enough?
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