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Dec 21, 2021

A few episodes ago, I talked about my experience with KCRW's Radio Race, a 24-hour "contest" where participants produce four-minute radio segments based on the same brief.

In this episode, I talk with Scott Wen, who co-produced one the contest's finalists, The Persimmon Tree.


  • What to do when you do an interview that you can't use (or don't want to use)
  • Getting ideas for radio segments
  • Working with a team/partner
  • Using non-English languages on an English radio station
  • Keeping guests on track during interviews
  • Competition in radio (and how to look at it)
  • Comparing yourself to other podcasters and radio journalists
  • Using your non-podcasting skills to make a podcast
  • What to do when your first (or second...or sometimes your third) idea doesn't work out