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Jan 30, 2022

A few episodes ago, I talked about my experience with KCRW's Radio Race, a 24-hour "contest" where participants produce four-minute radio segments based on the same brief.

In this episode, I talk with Shrikant Joshi, who produced one the contest's finalists, Want to Be My Neighbor?.

This episode goes deep into Shikant's Radio Race experience as well as his broadcasting history. If you're interested in how to tell better stories on your podcast or want to get involved with broadcast radio, listen up!


  • American radio vs. Indian radio
  • Broadcasting to 65,000,000 people
  • Going from radio to podcasting
  • Finding the story for your podcast episode
  • Working with very tight deadlines
  • Interviewing people across multiple time zones
  • Options for doing remote interviews
  • Ethics in interviewing
  • Using music in podcasts
  • Hot mics and embarassing on-air moments

Links To Things We Talk About: