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Mar 31, 2021

95% of the time, the focus of Build A Big Podcast is marketing. Steve Stewart is a podcast editor. What does he know about marketing a podcast?
A lot – as the guy who runs the 6000+-member Podcast Editors Club on Facebook, he's seen and heard it all.
On this episode:
  • The importance of owning a niche...even if you're just editing podcasts
  • The editing "side-hustle" – a good option for you as a podcast host?
  • How to start a podcast editing business (and how Steve was able to do it)
  • The "psychology" of working with guests to get a great podcast interview
  • The right way to do a mic test when you're interviewing a podcast guest remotely
  • Getting comfortable on the mic (and how to make your podcast guests more comfortable)

Want more? Visit Steve at Podcast Editor Academy.

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