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Oct 18, 2021

As I talked about on this episode, I just installed some new panels based on a DIY panel design by Marcus dePaula.
I did an event with Marcus last week where we took questions from podcasters who wanted to improve the sound of their studio. Zita Christian asked a question about building a studio from scratch – literally starting with a concrete floor and making something that's both comfortable and sounds great.
This episode dives into Zita's situation (which may be very close to your situation) and what Marcus would do.
Don't let the $5500 budget scare you. That's for everything. The sound treatment Marcus talks about will cost you far less.


  • Recording with concrete walls
  • The first thing to do about a concrete floor
  • How to build a new "studio" space so you have a good foundation to work with
  • Do-it-yourself acoustic panels
  • Building a comfortable studio
  • Curtains that will make your podcast sound better
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