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May 2, 2021

Radio has long been known to throw in "value added" services, such as free or discount website advertising for those who buy their broadcast ads. This has been going on forever, so nobody thinks it's a big deal. Plus, the perception of website advertising is better than its reality, at least for some buyers, so it really isn't a big deal – it's a good deal for radio.
But podcast distribition platform Audioboom pissed off a few people by advertising that it encourages its hosts to "go long" on advertising reads, esentially giving away "$400 million in free advertising" to buyers.
First of all, that's magic math. No way were those longer ad reads were worth that kind of money. 
What is worth a lot of money and what Audioboom seems to miss is what podcasters, like you, really do bring to the table when it comes to advertising. That's what I talk about on this episode.
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