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Jan 4, 2019

After four years of writing and editing, I've finally completed my new book, a 93,000-word manifesto on podcast marketing.

I've decided to voice the audiobook version myself. It will probably be about nine hours of finished audio, so with recording and editing, I'm looking at about 50 hours of work to make this happen.

The thing the worries me the most is that I'm going to reach the end and have a file that doesn't meet the technical specs of audiobook distributors like ACX (Audible) and others.

Then what?

I know a radio guy who did his own audiobook and the recording was "too hot" – his files were rejected. He ended up having to rerecord everything in a different studio.

To make sure the same thing doesn't happen to me, I had an engineer friend come by my studio today to help me make sure my gear was in order and hooked up properly.

On this episode, I share some of the things we talked about related to getting a good performance on tape... If you want to make podcasts people connect with your recordings, whether podcast or audiobook, listen up.

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