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Jul 16, 2019

Is an "expensive" mic worth the money? What's the best way to avoid popping your Ps?

I was so excited to find the Popper Blocker to use in my favorite "on the road" mic, the GLS58. But the results weren't as great for me as I'd hoped they would be...

I'm no audio engineer and I wasn't sure if the issue was me, the Popper Blocker, or my cheap mic, so I took everything to a real audio engineer, Stephanie Lesher, to get her opinion. 

When I record with Stephanie, we normally use RE20 mics by Electro-Voice, so this episode also showcases the difference between the $30 GLS58 and $350 RE20. Before and after my talk with Stephanie, I used the BP40 by Audio-Technica, which is about $350 as well.

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