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Dec 27, 2021

After over a year of ZERO in-person interviews, I jumped back in working on a new project that took me various "studio" situations, including living rooms, front porches, and offices.

I was surprised at how intense it was.

Maybe it was that unknown element of COVID that made me wonder If I'd ever be able to safely do an in-person interview again. Or maybe that fact that it wasn't really safe to do it at all, even with vaccines and masks. Or maybe it was simply that I was dealing with some very heavy subjects, like murder, sex work, drug addiction, racism, and homelessness.

I reached out to Brandon Hall of the true crime podcast, Music City 911, to talk about his experience taking 911 calls and how he keeps grounded in intense and emotinal situations. And that's just one of the topics covered on this episode. 


  • Taking control of an interview
  • When guests are booked on "the wrong show"
  • Empathy and interviewing
  • Getting emotionally involved with guests
  • How to really help your listeners (and your guests)
  • Learning how to be an effective podcaster
  • Promoting your podcast
  • What topics are really important?
  • How to keep a guest on topic
  • Keeping calm during tense situations in the studio
  • Being confident on the mic

Links To Things We Talk About: