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Oct 2, 2019

When Pedro Pena was five-years-old, he was attacked by a German Shepherd while walking home from school. After the dog attack, his speech deteriorated to 0% fluency due to shock/trauma.

Today, he hosts a podcast called My Stuttering Life

I met Pedro when he sent me a message on Twitter about my book on podcasting. When I saw "My Stuttering Life" as the name, I was immediately curious about him.

I love what he's doing, so I'm bringing him on this podcast to talk more about his experience as a podcaster and the impact his podcast has had in the year since he launched.

NOTE THAT THIS EPISODE IS UNEDITED. Due to the subject of this episode, I have not edited Pedro's part of the interview. The only edits I made to myself were taking out a few pauses between questions – standard stuff to make me sound better than I really am. I will have more thoughts on this in an upcoming episode, which I hope to release in the next day or two. Subscribe to make sure you don't miss it.

MENTIONED: Franky Banky

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