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Jul 25, 2019

Ran into a "rock star" at an industry event. I'm in Nashville, so I see musicians, many of them well-known, everywhere. 

But this interaction was different – he blew me off.

I'm often in situations where a lot of people are approaching me, so I get that it can be both difficult and energy-draining when it happens. But...

Jul 24, 2019

Was hanging out with a music journalist friend and we got into a discussion about what makes artists great.

HINT: It's the same thing that makes podcasters great.

More info about how to get a great podcaster on this episode...

Don't Let Your Podcast Be Ignored - Download my free "Audience Attraction Cheat Sheet" to get...

Jul 17, 2019

Those spam emails you've been getting are right – size matters.

"Podcast hosting" isn't unlimited. And more and more people are getting their podcasts directly to mobile devices. Because of these things, the size of your podcast file matters – you want something that is quick to download and won't take up too much...

Jul 16, 2019

Is an "expensive" mic worth the money? What's the best way to avoid popping your Ps?

I was so excited to find the Popper Blocker to use in my favorite "on the road" mic, the GLS58. But the results weren't as great for me as I'd hoped they would be...

I'm no audio engineer and I wasn't sure if the issue was me,...

Jul 6, 2019

I released a Gay Pride Episode a couple of weeks ago with a mistake I knew might make me seem like a jerk. And it did...maybe.

It wasn't a big mistake, just a single comment, but it was enough that I got a couple of messages about it. And it was enough that I caught it when editing. But I thought, "I think the...