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Jun 17, 2020

On the Big Podcast Instagram account, I often share photos from the "studios" podcasters use to create their podcasts. I say "studios" in quotes, because many people who send me photos will attach a note that says something like, "It's not a real studio."

If you're making a podcast there, it's a real studio. And the closets full of clothing that people work from are much more interesting to look at and read about than a professional-grade, sound-treated "studio" with a huge mixing console.

Same for the funny things that happen during your podcast. For example, if a dog walks in on you. Or you hear a car horn honking outside your window.

I'm not giving you permission to be sloppy of throw in the towel on caring about listener experience, but I am saying it's OK for you to be real.

People who like podcasts don't want perfect, they want real.

On this episode, I answer a couple of related questions from podcast Steve Pederson who participated in the 30-Day Solo Podcast Challenge

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